Self-Coaching: From a Student Life to Entrepreneur Life Session

Eman Morsy, Life and Career Coach, has mainly discussed during ‘Self-Coaching: From a Student Life to Entrepreneur Life’ how to successfully identify your goals and tendencies and link them with potential career options such as entrepreneurship. The aim of the session is self-awareness and to choose your suitable career path, develop a vision or a future goal, achieve successfully your set goals, know how to adequately spot a destructive thinking pattern, give analytical illustration of entrepreneurship as a potential career option and finally introduce the concept of self-coaching. Eman started her session by asking the attendees to set their expectations of the session, fill-in Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment Survey followed by a discussion of entrepreneurship vital skills. The attendees went through: ‘The Knowing Yourself’ stage by introducing various online tests , The ‘Exploring’ stage by categorizing career options homogeneously, The Big Five Model, Self-coaching definitions and differences between coaching, mentoring, and consulting, Focus of control balancing between the victim mentality and the action mentality, Extracting and setting in an adequate way goals out of ‘the wheel of life’ NLP Meta Program; Thinking patterns such as away and towards, details and global..etc The session was indeed unconventional of how attendees were engaged and interested in further sessions on the same topic with the expert Eman Morsy.

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