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Customer Analysis and Market Research

The workshop elements:

  1. Intro and ice breaking activity
  2. Expectation from the workshop
  3. Session A: What is customer centricity?
  4. How can I understand my customer?
  5. Customer definition:
  6. Segmentation types
  7. Customer persona
  8. Customer journey analysis
  9. Customer satisfaction
  10. Open exercise 15 min
  11. Session B: What is market research and how can it help my startup become customer centric?
  12. When to use market research
  13. Defining my business question
  14. How? Qualitative vs Quantitative
  15. Role of secondary data
  16. How frequent to apply it?
  17. Open exercise 15 minutes – depending on attendee’s count
  18. Depending on the time: Case studies or random choice attendees’ cases to discuss 20 minutes


Meet Hadil Mohamed, Research consultant and Product design consultant at Nour Education

Hadil comes with a 10+ extensive research experience in understanding customers and their needs in different industries (Real Estate, FMCGs, Telco, Education, Automotive, development) more and providing evidence-based consultations to brands and organizations on how to get closer to their target customers and solve business issues.

Hadil is currently the lead product design consultant at Nour education, designing new ed-tech products and providing educational management consultancies to different educational institutions. She is also working on a new ad-tech product to be released in early 2022.

The workshop is designed to provoke the attendees to think of how customer centric they are, how well did they define their users, and what role would research help them to reach them. The workshop will cover, defining your target customer, what is customer centricity, customer analysis to define key customer need gaps, how market research will help in becoming more customer centric

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Customer Analysis and Market Research
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Sat 28 May 2022


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Ms. Hadil Mohamed


Ms. Hadil Mohamed
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