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Copywriting with Ms. Lobna Khaled

Workshop Description:

It’s your last year at college with lots of aspirations for your upcoming career step.
You have got the talent/skill/love of writing in you, you love writing and you wish to gain money out of it, but you never take an actual step. Why not we take it now together?
This info session is your first exploration step to the field. What is copywriting? Am I going to be good at it? Does it fit my set of skills and interest? What should I do if I want to join the field of copywriting?
Lots of exploration that need answers and that’s what Lobna Khaled is providing you with in this info session.


Session Objectives:

This workshop will enable you to:
End the myths! Differentiate between copywriter and content creator FOR REAL.
Discover criteria of writing a copy that sells!
Sneak peek to the knowledge and skills needed to be a rock star copywriter.
Identify top copywriting resources.
Develop the action plan for what to do after the session.

Event/Workshop Outline
– Intro to content marketing.
– Definitions of the different titles needed in the writing field nowadays and the job description of each.
– Discuss the “make it or break it” criteria of the qualified copywriter
– Checklist of technique skills recruiters/business owners/agencies are looking for in a rock star copywriter
– Trusted resources to learn
– Trusted resources to get inspiration
– Action plan for after the session

Trainer’s Bio:

“Who is the trainer?”
“I mean, what are her qualifications? Does she have what it takes to be my trainer and mentor?”
Let me answer this through introducing myself to you.
This is Lobna Khaled and I will be your trainer in that workshop, and would be super glad to be your mentor later on.
I’m a freelance copywriter, an internationally-certified trainer from Missouri State University and a content marketing trainer at DMArts Academy with +5 years of experience in the content creation field and +6 years of experience in the training field. Studying content creation, content marketing and English writing in my 6-month “Professional Digital Marketing Diploma” and my English classes at “Al-Alsun”, I managed to gain the knowledge and skills that qualify me to craft professional English branded content for websites, blogs, press releases, promotional materials, ghostwriting pieces, personal pitching documents and more. Since I started, I’ve been building a decent reputation and portfolio as a freelance copywriter and trainer, and was honored to work with some interesting clients like Wadi Degla Holding, El-Sewedy, Al Ahly Sabbour, Ureed, Udacity and more.
but why am I delivering that workshop?
I’m way too passionate about guiding people throughout their career journey. Actually, I’ve been doing this since college back in 2013. I started as an HR member at REACT then as a trainer, moving to be a public trainer for copywriters and freelancers.
So years ago, I decided to design my own training programs that’s mixing between my passion for copywriting, my love to benefit people through training and, my +5 years of hands-on experience in working as a freelancer.
Since then, I’ve been designing and delivering training sessions on how people can start their freelancing careers in general, how to be freelancer copywriters in specific, and how to rock in writing professional and attractive English branded content.
I would love to tell you more, but I guess the rest will be left till we meet at the workshop where I can know more about you too.

Till we meet


Wed 26 May 2021


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Zoom Meeting

Ms. Lobna Khaled


Ms. Lobna Khaled
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